Each member of our team is working to make learning meaningful, achievable, and purposeful. We believe that empowered students change the world.

Jeff Anderson

My top-level professional goal is to use antiracist learning science to help people thrive. I hope also to empower people in my life to develop their own sense of democratic engagement in our communities and to think critically about how they might use their learning skills as tools to serve and empower other people.

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Henry Fan

A real world problem:

I’m here to unshackle⛓️ you to learn valuable skills with habits & confidence, so that you will have time to be present: in your leisure & with your family. When you enroll in a class, pick up a book📚, or learn to solve a problem, I work so you will be more informed and connected to enter a form of emancipating 🦍 transformation🗿 Too often, especially in the petri dishes🧫 of STEM… classes do ❌ NOT have the opportunity, due to – unexamined traditions, dated metrics, shareholder supremacy, and classroom sizes – to prioritize connection towards: learners | context | community… and focus too heavily on the 💻 information, which is no longer scarce, 🔬 by itself. This pushes students, who are fully capable in solving dire real world problems, out of their aspirations and goals 🥀 I would not be a Computer Science & Humanities undergraduate at SJSU today had it not been for educators and peers who deeply cared about my education and well being 🏥 I’ve been moved & soothed to rally the love, heal from our shared academic heartache 🖤, and learn: how to learn -> so that you may give your greatest gifts and virtues to your family, and our world 🌎 For the people that came before us, and with the ones will come after: our collective learning -> is in progress… 🔮

A vision for citizenship:

live to love a sustainable life
study to be able to solve demanding real world problems

Steve Silva

Hey ya’ll, I am a student whose had great but also painful experiences in education. My bet is that an education (if desired) is worth it, but not an easy process. By learning from science, my experience, and the experience of others, I hope to arm you with the knowledge to thrive academically and culturally in higher education. Academically, I hope to help you get that desired GPA, and culturally, I hope to help you navigate resources and transition from higher education into your desired career!