Our mission here at The Learning Code is to help you develop habits of strategic deep learning. We focus our efforts on learners who want to complete a college degree in the United States. We do so by sharing with you a set of research-based learning principles designed to help you navigate your college experience. We also present you with a collection of effective learning practices leveraged by the college students that we work with on a daily basis. We capture parts of their story that we hope will inspire you.

Of course, we work hard to make sure that the principles that we share with you are universal and apply to anyone who has an interest in learning anything. But, the US higher education system is extremely complex and poses a seemingly endless sequence of unique challenges to each individual student.

All of our work at The Learning Code concentrates on six central themes. Specifically, we want to help you:

  1. Build your learning team with effective help-seeking practices.
  2. Develop healthy learning habits that support long-term growth.
  3. Create research-based learning routines that accelerate your learning.
  4. Develop your professional vision statement based on your most cherished values.
  5. Maximize the value you create from your college experience.
  6. Empower you to advocate for system transformation for the next generations.

We believe that it takes a village to raise a college graduate. We want to be part of your village. We want to remind you that you are powerful, intelligent, capable, and that you can learn anything. We want to help you navigate your institution, make the most of your college degree, and create a foundation for building a career that you love. Always remember that you can do this and we are here to help!