Write down your goals, continued…

In this post, we explore the highest three levels of the horizons of focus model for organizing your goals. This is a continuation of my previous post on the same topic. The major purpose of this hierarchy is to support you in building strong motivation and grit as you work to complete your college degree. One powerful mechanism you can use to do so is to define, capture, and revise your goals on a routine basis.

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Our Mission at The Learning Code

Part of our mission here at The Learning Code is to help you develop habits of strategic deep learning. We focus our efforts on learners who want to complete a college degree in the United States. We do so by sharing with you a set of research-based learning principles designed to help you navigate your college experience. We also present you with a collection of effective learning practices leveraged by the college students that we work with on a daily basis. Further, we capture parts of their story that we hope will inspire you. Of course, we work hard to make sure that the principles that we share with you are universal and apply to anyone who has an interest in learning anything. But, the US higher education system is extremely complex and poses a seemingly endless sequence of unique challenges to each individual student. In this post, we discuss some of the shortcomings of the US college system and introduce our main goals for The Learning Code.

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